Instructions for users

  • Create an account as a primary user (representative with sole responsibility for the institutional data bank). Please fill-in all fields marked with an asterisk *.
  • Each account will be activated by the webmaster
  • Participating centers will be listed. Please check your own data.
  • Every primary user has the authority to subcontract time-limited or unrestricted third parties (e. g. study nurse, residents, students, etc.). However, the responsibility for all data lies exclusively with the primary user of the center.
  • Please make sure that parents have signed a data privacy declaration (corresponding forms can be uploaded to the website and will be available as downloads).
  • Data entries will be stored as anonymized datasets (each patient is labelled with the center´s acronym and their birthday, no real names).
  • Each user has unrestricted access to his own patients via export of an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Once a new patients record is created, the system will automatically send out email reminder after 6, 12, 24, 36 .. months in order to inform the user that data entry of scheduled follow ups is due
  • Cooperative and/or cumulative evaluation of datasets requires deliberate activation of own data by the primary user in the respective center.
  • E-mails concerning follow-up requests and reminders will be automatically sent to the primary user.

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