Welkom op BARD-online, de website voor cholestatische afwijkingen bij kinderen. BARD staat voor Biliary Atresia and Related Diseases. Dit betekent dat op deze site informatie staat over biliaire atresie (vanaf hier galwegatresie genoemd) en andere ziekten die kunnen leiden tot geelzucht bij kinderen. De site biedt informatie en laagdrempelige overlegmogelijkheden voor iedereen die betrokken is bij deze zeldzame ziekten. Dat geldt voor artsen en onderzoekers, maar ook voor ouders en andere familieleden.

BARD heeft twee doelen: 1. het verstrekken van informatie en het bieden van communicatiemogelijkheden aan mensen die geïnteresseerd zijn in deze zeldzame ziektebeelden; en 2. het bieden van een afgeschermd deel voor professionals waar artsen en onderzoekers kunnen discussiëren over de optimale diagnostiek en behandeling van deze aandoeningen.

BARD-Webinar June 30 and July 1 (05:00 to 07:00 PM CET)

BARD 2021  

You may recall that a BAPS/BARD joint meeting was going to be held in Bruges in July 2021. It had already been deferred from 2020 due to COVID.  Unfortunately, the continuing Covid-19 pandemic swirling around Europe and restriction of international air travel has meant that we have had to cancel the scheduled face-to-face meeting once again.

We still believe that there is great enthusiasm for a BARD meeting and propose to reschedule it as a full-scale two day meeting for summer 2022 (with dates to be confirmed).

BARD Webinar June 30th & July 1st 2021

In order to bridge the gap until then, we have organized a BARD-Webinar. This will take place this summer on June 30 and July 1  (05:00 to 07:00 PM CET). On the first day, the topics are biliary atresia (surgery/adjuvant therapy/transition) and choledochal malformations (diagnostics, timing and technique of surgery, follow-up), while cholangitis (definition/therapy) as well as pediatric liver surgery (techniques, centralization) will be discussed on the second day.

Each session will start by summarizing expert surveys, which have been carried out by pre-congress working groups, followed by panel discussions together with the online audience. Finally, expert-guided statements and proposals for interdisciplinary guidelines will be summarized and adopted by acclamation.  

What about your abstract submissions?

We received more than 100 abstracts last year for the original BARD/BAPS-Bruges-2020. This was an amazing response and encourages us in our belief that meetings on these rare conditions are important. We are asking for patience and would still like to use this abstract bank as the basis for next year’s scientific content.

The interdisciplinary organizing board looks forward to meeting you in Bruges in 2022 and would also like to welcoming you at the BARD-Webinar 2021

Mark Davenport, Jan Hulscher, Claus Petersen, Richard Schreiber, Henkjan Verkade

4th International Conference On Pediatric Liver Disease

1st to 2nd September 2021

Virtual Conference

Register here: www.cpld-conference.com

CPLD 4.0 - Preliminary Program

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