Biliary Atresia and related deseases

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Benvenuti su BARD-online, la piattaforma polifunzionale per i disturbi colestatici pediatrici, quali l’atresia delle vie biliari e le patologie correlate. Indipendentemente che voi siate medici o ricercatori, pazienti o familiari, offriamo informazione, comunicazione e cooperazione a chiunque sia interessato ad una di queste rare patologie.
Lo scopo principale di BARD-online è duplice: in primo luogo offriamo informazioni e comunicazione a chiunque sia interessato, in secondo luogo i medici e i ricercatori clinici o di base possono prendere parte ad un’area professionale protetta, al fine di seguire i pazienti nel follow-up, migliorare il loro trattamento e chiarire le tematiche ancora non risolte.

Important announcement

There are only a few days left until we´ll meet in Bruges and we´re happy that after such a long period, in-person events are possible again. However, some travel regulations still exist and hinder colleagues particularly from Far East to join the meeting in Belgium. Therefore, the organizing committee spared no effort to switch the congress to a hybrid event, which will simultaneously be streamed on the internet and allows virtual participants to follow and to discuss.

If you like to take this opportunity, please click on the registration button and follow the instructions.


BARD-Bruges-2022, June 17 and 18 abstract submission and registration open now

Originally, we had organized a BARD-meeting in July 2020 to be held in the Belgian city of Bruges. Unfortunately, the pandemic upset all these plans and the Congress had to be postponed. To help bridge the gap we presented a BARD-Webinar in June 2021, which was very successful, stimulating a great deal of interest and drawing a large virtual audience. Now, with light appearing at the end of the COVID tunnel, we expect that from spring 2022, most international travel restrictions will have been abolished.

So, we are very happy to announce that the 17th and 18th June 2022 as the new date of the BARD-Bruges-2022 congress

Submission of abstracts for all topics is highly appreciated. We had already received for the original conference in 2020 around 100 submissions, and we still regard these as valid. Authors are kindly asked to confirm the submission in its initial or updated version or to withdraw the paper. We will be writing later this year directly to the abstract’s authors to confirm this.

Selected papers from the abstracts will be presented during the sessions together with invited lectures from the faculty. Others will be able to be presented as electronic on-site and online posters and will be discussed during the meeting and afterwards on the interactive BARD-website.

Please click at the button “BARD-Bruges-2022” button and feel free to make suggestions and comments.

The interdisciplinary organizing board looks forward to meeting you in Bruges in 2022

Mark Davenport, Jan Hulscher, Claus Petersen, Richard Schreiber, Henkjan Verkade

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